Keystone Munitions makes reliable ammunition for range or competition shooting

Who We are

You need solid, accurate, reliable ammunition and that’s what we do. Our recipe is simple. We start with the best components available in today’s market and utilize them with one goal in mind: to make great ammunition for you.

When we first embarked on our journey in ammunition manufacturing almost a decade ago, we understood the importance of pursuing our passions to find true fulfillment.

Keystone Munition Nazareth PA
Keystone Munitions Competition Ammo

Our Mission to You

Our dedication extends beyond crafting exceptional ammunition. Our goal was to develop a product that would instill pride in every Pennsylvanian.

Our mission was to establish a company built on values that resonate with our community while creating employment opportunities in our region and championing local manufacturing in Pennsylvania.

We have remained steadfast in this commitment since 2015.

Keystone Munitions Competition Shooting

Our Expertise

Drawing on our expertise in ammunition production, lean manufacturing practices, and a range of essential skills, we bring our premium ammunition to market.

We understand that the strength of our brand is only as good as the quality of its products.

At the end of the day, we’re shooters just like you. We know what good ammunition is and we are dedicated to delivering it to you.